Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking for swimming pools with less regulations...

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In Japan... :p

As summer is approaching and some of these days, sun starts to shine (not these two days however), I am thinking of going back to my swimming routine.
There was a moment when I stayed in a country where everyday seemed to be around thirty degree celcius, I would grab my bikini first time in the morning (not really), put it on under my one piece and took the elevator down to the swimming pool on the ground floor.
Then I would dive in (blah, yea right, its prohibited to dive in a swimming pool with 2 meters only depth), made my lap without even going out of the pool unless I was finished swimming. After, I'd go back to my room, checked my tan (as if it made any difference) and fell asleep from being exhausted, and woke up refreshed.
That time. Everyday was swimming day, didn't care if its weekend or weekdays. Whenever I could, I would.
But, ofcourse those days are over .
I am not living a tropical life anymore. The season does not allow such thing as swimming everyday, no pool on the ground floor. Plus, I am not as free as before...
However... Several days ago as I walked to the station to office, for that 15 minutes of walking and avoiding doggie poops, I was like soaking up the sun and my skin seemed to scream, ''yiihaaa, this is about the time'' (to swim again..).
So now, I am on a mission to find an appropriate swimming pool.
Aside from the options of paying some ¥8000 monthly to be in a sport center club with swimming pool or paying ¥450 to 600 ¥ for two hours ticket to enter a swimming pool, there are also common regulations to watch for, such as:

a. To acknowledge the schedule*

When is holiday: some swimming pools closed on the fourth Monday of everymonth
When is my time: 9 am to noon, group use. Noon to 20.30pm, Individual use
Every hour, there will be 10 minutes pool break to check the water quality

b. Wearing swim cap. Very very obligatory

c. Walking around with swim wear only, is forbidden, even from the changing room to the pool.

d. Make sure no jewellery attached to any parts of the body inside the swimming pool

e. No staying in the pool longer than 15 minutes. Huh?

f. No swimming toys/ gear on deck. (fin, paddles, water bottle)

g. No diving (ofcourse)

Despite of all the rules may not be applied at every swimming pool, but these are the facts that some (most) of the pools required to meet.
Hm. I will just check nearby lake then.

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