Friday, November 27, 2009


Likely, i dont have this kind of word on my mind again. i felt very far to this word. indeed, when i was a little kid, or maybe just a few years ago, i still have those.

i dont know, where they go...

actually, i have to reach those dreams again. if not, i will be stressfull..

have you read or watch the secret? if yes, you will know that you need dreams.. and you know what, those dreams will be come true. just keep it on your mind.. and dreams it. i already did. and you know what? it works!!!

one year ago, a watch the movie. i really want 2 kind of things.. camera SLR and notebook. so i practiced the step that i got on the movie. i kept those kind on my mind. dreaming that someday i will have it.

so, amazingly.. not long from i watch and practice it, i already have those dreams..

so.......... keep dreaming friends!!! it's healthy...

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