Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bahar Bin Matar

This man is 68 years old. I met this old guy when i went to Batu Prison in Nusakambangan. Bahar is a prisoner on Batu Prison who got death sentence. The hardest and maximum sentence for conducting crimes.

It was started on 1962, Bahar and his friends robbered a rich tycoon in Riau. Obviously, Bahar was a member of organized crime. The most scary gank all over sumatra thru Singapore. Besides robbering, they also killing four family members. They also kidnapped their daughter. Unfortunately, they rapped and killed her too.

With no doubt, court gave a maximum sentece for Bahar's cruel attitude. He was still 22 years old at that time.

Like other prisoner who got death sentence, Bahar asked clemency to president, over and over But eventually, his wish never come true.

Surprisingly, for me, Bahar has been the most patient person on earth. Yeah, until now, Bahar has lived almost 40 years on prison. As you know, we didnt have our freedom on prison. we cant go anywhere, surrounded by prison's wall. He also never married.

He was cry when i asked his hope for the future. And he only answered, he wants to be a good man. He wants to dedicate his life only for God. He felt lucky, that until today, he still alive.

And today, i shocked after read a news. Bahar is one of among death sentence's prisoner, who will be executed this year.

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