Saturday, October 31, 2009


On Saturday night. Yeah.. right.. tonight.. my wallet has already full. yeah.. just a few bucks from my tiny salary. But my desire of shopping was very very big. it started when i came to Margo City. One of new, big shopping mall in Depok. Than my body getting freeze.. my eyes can't move from those interesting venue. A small store coloured with green and a lot of red papers hanging on their roof. it says... Sale.... Salee.. wohoaaa....

Noo.. don't go there.. my half side said that.. yes.. just look and see a few second. You can't be bankrupt only because of that. The other side of mine speak loudly..

Finally.. i choose my last thought. lake of consciousness, my steps was getting closser to that bastard but amazing store. Body Shop Store. That's the name of the store.

Luckely.. i saved from that beautifull killing... suddenly.. someone pulled my hand... yeah.. it was my friend.. Andre.. pushed me to come home immadiately. i know, It was 8.30 already. kinnda late to come home... yeahh.. you are my savior.. from that bastard.. beautifull killing store.. Body Shop.. my wallet.. is safe.. for tonight..

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